Being Human: Essence and Fulfillment

By Bill Meacham, Ph.D.

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Introduction (html);   PDF 36 KB

Part I: Being Human

Posing the Question (html);   PDF 20 KB

Facets of Human Nature (html);   PDF 375 KB

The First-Person Point of View (html);   PDF 97 KB

The Transcendental Self (html);   PDF 101 KB

Part II: Supplementary Essays

Human Nature

Do Humans Have Free Will? (html);   PDF 103 KB


The Good and the Right (html);   PDF 85 KB

The Goodness Ethic (html);   PDF 53 KB


Tao Te Ching Ontology (html);   PDF 192 KB

Metaphysics, or The Nature of Reality (html);   PDF 131 KB

The Quantum Level of Reality (html);   PDF 545 KB

Self, Soul and Ego (html);   PDF 116 KB


The Fundamental Insight (html);   PDF 100 KB

Spiritual Practice (html);   PDF 25 KB


Consciousness and Experience (html);   PDF 130 KB

Phenomenology of the Self (html);   PDF 573 KB


Truth (html);   PDF 66 KB



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