Curriculum Vitae

Bill Meacham


Home office: +1 (512) 291-4300
Mobile: +1 (512) 470-4606

Occupations and Employment

Discussion Leader and Assistant Organizer. Austin Philosophy Discussion Group. 2010 - Present.

Independent Scholar in Philosophy. 2005 - present

Programmer, Systems Analyst, Project Manager, Software Requirements Analyst, Quality Assurance Analyst, Trainer, Curriculum Developer. Dell, Sterling Information Group and others. 1981 - 2014


Ph.D. Philosophy. 1971. University of Texas, Austin, Texas

Dissertation: “A Phenomenological Description of the Self” (Richard M. Zaner, Supervisor)

MA. 1968. Philosophy of Religion. Columbia University, New York, under the faculty of Union Theological Seminary, New York

BA. 1965. Philosophy. Williams College, Massachusetts

Books and Online Publications

2015. How To Exert Free Will. Austin, TX: Earth Harmony.

2013. How To Be An Excellent Human. Austin, TX: Earth Harmony.

2010 - present. Philosophy for Real Life.

Other Publications

2020. Book review: “The Subject of Experience by Galen Strawson.” Philosophy Now magazine, Issue 138, June/July 2020.

2017. ‘How to Talk About Subjectivity (Don’t Say “Consciousness”)’. Journal of Consciousness, Vol. 19, No. 62, 1 January 2017 30 June 2017.

2016. ‘Don’t Say “Consciousness”: Toward a Uniform Vocabulary of Subjectivity’. Sociology and Anthropology, 4 , 1099 – 1107. doi:10.13189/sa.2016.041209.

2014. Book Review: “Ethics Without Morals by Joel Marks.” Philosophy Now magazine, Issue 103, July/August 2014.

2013. “Anonymous Malice.” Humanity & Society, Volume 37 Issue 2, May 2013.

2013. “What Are The Most Important Things To Know?” Philosophy Now magazine, Issue 94, January/February 2013.

2012. Book Review: “The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values by Sam Harris.” Philosophy Now magazine, Issue 90, May/June 2012.

2012. “How Can I Be Happy?” Philosophy Now magazine, Issue 88, January/February 2012.

2011. “What Is Truth?” Philosophy Now magazine, Issue 86, September/October 2011.

2011. “Who or What Am I?” Philosophy Now magazine, Issue 84, May/June 2011.

2010. “Permaculture Ethics and the Chain of Benefits.” Permaculture Activist magazine, Spring 2010, No. 75, pp. 46-48.

2007. “Why Should I Be Good?” Philosophy Now magazine, Issue 63, September/October 2007.

2006 - present: Numerous letters to the editor, Philosophy Now magazine.

2001. “Permaculture as a Design Modality for Healing and Regeneration.” (Principal author: Patricia Michael). Proceedings of the Fourth European Academy of Design (Averio, Portugal: Universidade de Aveiro).

2001. “Principles of Successful Design: A Comparative Study.” (With Patricia Michael). Proceedings of the Fourth European Academy of Design (Aveiro, Portugal: Universidade de Aveiro).

1999. “Meta-Ethics of Impeachment.” The Ethical Spectacle, March 1999.

1996. “Ethical Sonography.” Terry J. DuBose, ed., Fetal Sonography, pp. 81-92 (Philadelphia: W.B. Saunders, 1996).