Bill Meacham, Ph.D.

Bill Meacham is an independent scholar in philosophy and the author of the book How To Be an Excellent Human and the blog Philosophy for Real Life. He studied philosophy at Williams College, Columbia University and the University of Texas at Austin. After receiving his Ph.D., he spent many years as a computer programmer, systems analyst and project manager. He brings the precision required for good software development to the analysis of philosophical concepts and to the deep questions posed by philosophy: What's real? How do we know what's real? And what shall we do about what's real?

Meacham is the author of two books:

How To Be An Excellent Human

How can we live good, fulfilling lives? How can we be happy? These questions have been at the forefront of philosophy ever since Socrates, and this engaging book attempts an answer.

How To Exert Free Will

Here is a readable account of the philosophical controversy regarding freedom of the will. The book asserts that we do, indeed, have free will and offers suggestions for how best to employ it.

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How To Be An Excellent Human.
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How To Exert Free Will.

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